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Warbird Markings by CanMilAir

Ready to apply, high quality vinyl graphics for a customized markings solution on vintage Canadian military aircraft repaints or restorations. 

One of the services CanMilAir provides is supplying accurate, full-size, self-adhesive vinyl markings to private aircraft owners and aviation museums for their vintage Canadian warbirds. Complete sets of fresh new markings allows them to be returned to their authentic military service appearance with a minimum of downtime at a reasonable cost. 
Perfectly illustrating the power and versatility of vector-based graphics, the artwork for these full size projects is pulled from the same files used for our scale model decals. This is possible because vector graphics are unique in that they can be enlarged or reduced to any size without distortion of any kind.  In fact, all our scale model artwork is drawn full size from the beginning - it is just reduced in size for scale models.
All major markings and insignia, as well as lettering and numbering, can be supplied for almost any Canadian military aircraft.  A quick look through the scale model decals section of the catalogue will show that several hundred packages of artwork are already prepared and correctly sized for over 90 different aircraft types. A sampling of standard types of markings is illustrated below. 
The material used for this application is the highest quality self-adhesive outdoor-grade cast vinyl and is computer cut to very high tolerances using our specially configured vector files. The vinyl material comes in widths of up to 60" and is 0.002" thick (2 mil). The "rated" outdoor life of this material is 7 to 10 years, but usually far outlives this rating and would last indefinitely when used on indoor museum pieces. A limited range of cast vinyl colours is available and selected colour samples can be provided upon request. 
Alternately CanMilAir can supply self-adhesive, removable, cut vinyl "spray paint masks" to allow the designs to be spray painted directly onto the aircraft. This vinyl material has a much weaker adhesive to allow it to be easily removed immediately after the application of the paint and it is specifically designed to be used for spray paint applications. 
At the present time, comprehensive maintenance and service marking and stencil packages have been prepared for  the Canadair CT-133 (T-33A) Silver Star, Canadair CL-13 Sabre Mk. 6 and the CCF Harvard IV with several other aircraft types under development. The service marking data in these files can be used as a starting point for various other aircraft types. Other military service-type markings or even non-military civil graphics (e.g. civil registration numbers, pilot names, etc) can be custom made to the client's specifications.
If you are a private warbird owner or aviation museum curator and CanMilAir can be of service with your project, please refer to the "CONTACT" page for various methods of communication through which we can discuss your project. 
See the "WARBIRD  PHOTOS" page for examples of CanMilAir's past work with full size warbird graphics.

Shown below is a small sampling of the types of Canadian markings CanMilAir 
can provide for full-size warbird aircraft. 

See the WARBIRD  PHOTOS page for " before and after" pictures of current 
and past projects.
Contact CanMilAir for further information


Styles:  > CAF full colour, Low-Viz non-white, L-V Black, L-V Grey; 
 > RCAF-CAF transitional, RCAF Silver Maple, Red/Blue only; 
 > RAF Type A, A1, "5/8" B, C, C1, D, "50/50" B;      
 > RCN (various), RN FAA CBI BPF


Sizes: 6" to 84"


Styles:  > Full colour 
 > Low-Viz non-white
 > Low-Viz Black only
 > Low-Viz Grey only

Sizes: 12" to 84"


Styles:  > Red with Black outline
 > Black only
 > Grey only


Sizes: 4" to 20"  (Height)  

FIP Wordmark

Styles:  > Black with Red and White flag
 > Black with Red only flag
 > Black with Black flag, Grey with Grey flag
 > Black or Red with no flag

Sizes: 35 mm to 762 mm (lower case height )

FIP CF Signature

Styles:  > Full flag post 1999 - Full colour, Black only, Grey only
 > Full flag pre 1999 - Full colour, Black only, Grey only
 > Half flag - Full colour, Black only, Grey only
 > Other Federal departments also available


Sizes: 100 mm to 406 mm (Height)

Fuselage Flash

Styles:  > Black, White and Red
 > Red + White only, Red only
 > Standard 6:1or Extended Flash Point
 > Double or Quad Reversing, Roundel over Flash


Sizes: 4" to 20" 

Shadow Titles

Styles:  > RCAF full colour shadow up to left (pre 1958)
 > RCAF full colour shadow down to right (standard)
 > CAF full colour shadow down to right
 > CAF black only


Sizes: 4" to 15" (height)


Styles:  > Canadian Full colour - with or without Silver or White outline 
 > Canadian Low-Viz - Red only, Black only, Grey only
 > Canadian Full colour or L-V - With connected oceans
 > Union Jack, Naval White Ensign, Red Ensign 

Sizes: 12" to 66" (length)

Fin Flash

Styles:  > RAF / RCAF pre 1942 (three equal widths)
 > RAF / RCAF pre 1942 (8" widths)
 > RAF / RCAF post 1942 (2" centre white)

Sizes: 6" x 14" to 48" x 48"  (H x W)

Specialty Lettering

Styles:  > RAF (various)
 > RCAF pre 1958
 > RCAF post 1958 (various)
 > RCN

Sizes: 3/8" to 48"

Specialty Numbers

Styles:  > RAF (various)
 > RCAF pre 1958
 > RCAF post 1958 (various)
 > RCN

Sizes: 3/8" to 48"

Misc Elements

  Spitfire maple leaf, Rescue placards, Unit rudder stripes, RAF rank pennants, Ejection Seat triangles, Rescue arrows, Propeller warnings and stripes, Intake warnings, Sqn crests, Tail fin unit markings, Bilingual Rescue markings,  Aggressor numbers, Service and maintenance markings, NO STEPS, Stencils and placards, Pilot + Crew Chief canopy rail names, civil registrations, and more.


Non-Canadian Markings

   > USAF, USN style numbers, lettering, 
 > USA flags, Stars and Bars (various sizes and styles)
 > Military national insignia of  various countries
 > Custom designs for civil general aviation aircraft


See the WARBIRD  PHOTOS page for " before and after" pictures of current
 and past projects.
Contact CanMilAir for further information.


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