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Welcome to my Aircraft Quiz Page !

The intent here is to provide you, the viewer, with some puzzling, thought-provoking photos (or parts of photos). You do not need answer to all, just have fun and if you think you have an interesting answer - drop me a line. 
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009:  What is this long winged aircraft?  [PHOTO]
008:  What animal is this and for a bonus - where would be taken?   [PHOTO]
007: Where would have you seen this face?   [PHOTO]


006:  Type, Squadron and which (of two) serials could this be?  [PHOTO]
ANSWER:  This is Meteor T.7 WA740 of No.421 Squadron visiting RAFG Celle  [PHOTO]
005:  What aircraft type and whose air force?   [PHOTO]
ANSWER:  The aircraft is a RCAF Lancaster with an unusual hinged fairing   [PHOTO]
004: What are these two aircraft and what NATO members are they from?    [PHOTO]
ANSWER:   The two aircraft are Hunter F-6 N-204 3P-4 Dutch Air Force and Belgian Air Force CF-100 AX-49  [PHOTO]
003: What is this?  Taken aboard a Canadian carrier - which carrier and why.   [PHOTO]
ANSWER:  One of three Austers that landed aboard Bonnie 4 November 1957 while in UK waters.  Social visit; pilots got "honorary carrier qualification."  [PHOTO]
002 We know what - but where and why? [PHOTO]
ANSWER:  RCAF S-58 9633 during landing trials aboard HMCS Ottawa [PHOTO]
001: What (bonus for serial) and where is this?  [PHOTO]
ANSWER:  FAA Sea Hornet F.20 TT 193 at Watson Lake for cold weather testing with CEPE   [PHOTO]


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