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Finish and Markings Books for the Military Aircraft of Canada

    CanMilAir is proud to be the official on-line supplier of these essential reference books!


Aircraft Finish and Markings
Royal Canadian Air Force
1947 - 1968   " Volume 1 "
Royal Canadian Air Force
Aircraft Finish and Markings
1947 - 1968   " Volume 2 "
RCAF 1947 to 1968
This book describes RCAF aircraft finish and markings features between 1947 and 1968. All aspects of fleet-wide features are detailed. 
Topics include: overall finish, camouflage, high-visibility markings, the four different era markings, roundels, flash, flags, serial presentations, letter and number styles and special purpose schemes. 
Each of the 46 aircraft types are detailed with a history, drawings and photos of all known schemes. 
Text runs 290 pages, with over 750 photos and nearly 700 drawings
A further 50 colour photos are used with 27 colour chips and 28 colour drawings of roundels and other exterior aircraft marking features. 
Published 2003. Coil Bound (Red) - 8˝" x 11"

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This book illustrates RCAF aircraft finish and markings features used between 1947 and 1968. All aspects of fleet-wide features are detailed. This is a companion to the original work published in 2003. 
Each of the 46 aircraft types are detailed with a history and photos of all known schemes. 
Text runs 198 pages, with over 830 photos
A further 75 colour photos are used.
Published 2008. Coil Bound (Orange) - 8˝" x 11"

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Canadian Military Aircraft
Finish and Markings
1968 - 2004

CAF 1968 to 2004

Sample page showing one of 180 multi-view drawings

This book is designed by an enthusiast, for the enthusiast, with an interest in the aircraft flown by the Canadian Military since unification in 1968 to 2004
Contains more than 180 drawings, over 1000 photographs (106 in colour) and a colour chart, all within 300 pages
All known features and markings are described in full with drawings and photographs. 
Each of the 53 aircraft types has its own section, with a basic history and description of finish and markings used by each scheme, illustrated by drawings and photographs. 
This work had been prepared with the assistance of members of the Canadian Armed Forces and military contractors. 

Published 2004. Coil Bound (Blue) - 8˝" x 11"

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Royal Canadian Navy
Aircraft Finish and Markings
1944 - 1968

RCN 1944 to 1968

Sample page
Sample page showing one of 400 full colour drawings from the "Full Colour" edition

This is the definitive Royal Canadian Navy, aircraft finish and markings book. This book tells the story, in text, photos and drawings of the Canadian Naval Air Arm, from the manning of two Royal Navy escort carriers starting in late 1943 until the demise of the Royal Canadian Navy in 1968.  All types of aircraft used are covered with text covering: history, production, Canadian use and all known schemes. 
Containing over 400 drawings (59 in colour) and more than 600 photographs (47 in colour) to illustrate the complete finish and markings history of all RCN aircraft.
The ship section has details of the Canadian involvement and histories of: Fighter Catapult Ships, CAM-ships, MAC-ships, escort carriers, HMS Nabob, HMS Puncher, HMCS Warrior, HMCS Magnificent, HMCS Bonaventure and all other RCN vessels and bases to operate RCN aircraft
Aircraft types include: Avro Anson V, Grumman Avenger TBM-3E, AS 3 Mk 1, AS 3 Mk.1/ECM, AS 3 Mk 2, AS 3M, AS 3M2, TBM-3W2, Target Tug, McDonnell Banshee, Barracuda Mk.II, Mk.III, Beechcraft Expeditor, Fairey Firefly FR.I, T.I, T.2, FR.IV, AS.5, North American Harvard, Sikorsky HO4S, Bell HTL-4/6, Piasecki HUP, Hawker Sea Fury F.10, FB.11, Sikorsky Sea King, Supermarine Seafire Mk.III, Mk.XV, Canadair Silver Star, Fairey Swordfish, Schweizer TG-3A, de Havilland Tiger Moth, Grumman Tracker S-2, CS2F-1, CS2F-2, CS2F-3, Supermarine Walrus Mk.I, Mk.II, Grumman Wildcat, Mk.V, Mk.VI and sundry types; Sikorsky Hoverfly Mk.I, de Havilland Sea Hornet, Hawker Sea Hurricane, Fairey Gannet, Blackburn Shark, Fairey Albacore, Hawker Seahawk. 
Also included are details on the Air Groups, Schools, Flights and Squadrons of the RCN.

Published 2007. Coil Bound (White) - 8˝" x 11"

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A limited number of copies of the RCN book
have been printed with ALL 400 drawings rendered in FULL COLOUR ! 
See the photo above for a sample page with full colour drawings.
This premium edition can be purchased by choosing 
the "Full Colour printing" option from the drop down box.  
These full colour editions will only be available while quantities last



Royal Flying Corps / Royal Air Force
Training Squadrons in Canada
Aircraft Markings, Squadrons and Stations
1917 - 1918

Front cover

Sample page showing profile drawings and markings details.

Written by Bill C. Kilgrain and published by MartinSlides   

This book details the background to the Royal Flying Corps (later Royal Air Force) training plan in Canada, describes the formation and location of the individual units and illustrates the colour schemes and markings for each unit.
Contents include colour 3-view scale drawings of the two different versions of the Curtiss JN-4 "Jenny", 74 colour aircraft profiles, 45 miscellaneous colour detail drawings, 43 unit marking drawings in colour, plus 108 black & white and two colour photographs.
Individual aircraft listing with unit and marking information.
This is the most comprehensive book dealing with this colourful, and neglected, period in Canada's aviation history.
Published 2013
96 pages (8˝" x 11"), coil bound (Green) 
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Also available
. . . 

Aircraft of the Royal Canadian Navy
1944 - 1968
(above) 11" x 17" print showing 33 full-colour aircraft profiles from the first two marking eras.


(above) 11" x 17" print showing 26 full-colour aircraft profiles covering the final two marking eras.



Visit Martin Slides
Take a few minutes to visit the personal web site 
of the author of these extraordinary reference books . . . just click on the leaf.

More outstanding books by the same author:

Tail Code
The Complete History of USAF Tactical Aircraft Tail Code Markings
Hook Code
United States Navy and Marine Corps Aviation Tail Code Markings
Tail Code Hook Code
This full color book is a fully comprehensive reference work on USAF tail code markings and covers all major command units; Pacific Air Forces, Alaskan Air Command, TAC, Air Force Reserve, Air National Guard, USAFE, Air Training Command, Air Forces Logistics Command, and Air Force Systems Command. 
The tail codes are listed alphabetically and are cross-referenced in a tail code summary for ease of use. The 340 photographs on 244 pages show the variety of aircraft in the USAF arsenal.
Published 1994. Hardbound - 8˝" x 11"
Out of Print - Search for it on ebay HERE
The world of aircraft tail codes is complicated at best and incomprehensible at worst.  While the USAF generally keeps things relatively constant, the Navy issue is confused by the constant changing of air wings and ships.  
Opening pages include a glossary of abbreviations, and explanation of how each section is arranged and a history of different units.  There is also a paint scheme section explaining the changing paint schemes.  The main body of the book is broken down into three basic sections.  First is a listing by tail code.  There are two subsections to this; by letter-letter section (i.e. AB) , then number-letter (i.e. 6G), finally a section by unit.  All sections detail which aircraft types were flown during what period of time.  The unit section does this plus shows the changing tail codes as air wings are changed. 262 pages with 400 photos.
Published 1994. Softbound - 8˝" x 11"
Out of Print - Search for it on eBay HERE


Enjoying a ride in a CT-155 Hawk at CFB Cold lake Alberta - October 2006

The author abaord a Canadian Forces CT-155 Hawk over CFB Cold Lake in October 2006


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