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Some Background . . . 
I have been building model kits since the very early 1960's and like many modellers, I often looked for a way of using the years of modelling skills to generate a little extra cash that would subsidize my hobby. With that in mind, in early 1994, I started building models "semi-professionally" to help pay for those models that "I" wanted to build. Needless to say, it takes far too much time, you get paid far too little and you never seem to find the time to build for yourself.
In early 2002, while building my new 1:144 OzMods F-86 Sabre, I searched for decals to finish it in RCAF markings to match the pedestal mounted 441 Sqn Sabre at Kingston's Royal Military College. Nowhere could I find RCAF Sabre decals in 1:144 scale. However, I was painfully aware that they were readily available in larger scales! I quickly discovered that, with one or two exceptions, there is very little in the way of commercial decals available for Canadian military aircraft in 1:144 scale.
In the fall of 2002, I was invited to join the small team of editors working on the book "Aircraft Finish & Markings RCAF 1947-1968" and again for the subsequent volumes "Canadian Military Aircraft Finish & Markings 1968-2004" and "Royal Canadian Navy Aircraft Finish and Markings 1944 to 1968". These comprehensive reference books have become very highly regarded in the aircraft modelling community and I am very proud to have been involved with them. So, with all the necessary dimensional and historical information at my fingertips and professional vector graphics software in my computer, I started drawing artwork to eventual use as decals for my ever growing collection of un-built 1:144 scale Canadian military aircraft models. 
By late 2003, I had designed a series of four colour prints which examine the various roundel designs used on the military aircraft flown by Canadian servicemen (and women) starting in 1914. Incredibly, there are 45 uniquely different designs that have been used over the years and the four prints contain over 2,000 words of text to explain the designs.
In early 2005, I purchased an ALPS printer to turn my artwork into usable decals and CanMilAir Decals was born on June 21, 2005. Each of my decal sets provides correctly sized lettering & markings for one Canadian aircraft model and most offer optional aircraft numbers. This has two benefits: once you have decided on a specific marking scheme, you won't have to pay for a lot of decals you won't need, as you would with large multi-scheme sheets; and it keeps your cost down. 

For those without copies of the excellent Finish & Markings books mentioned above, a sheet containing reference aircraft photos and often a short aircraft history is supplied for all sets as a guide for decal placement. However, considering the amount of valuable information contained in these books, I strongly recommended you purchase them while they are still available. 

To create the scaleable graphics needed for quality decals, I use professional vector-based software. All my artwork is drawn to exact 1:144 scale and printed onto high quality clear decal paper using an Alps MD-5000 printer. Due to the nature of vector artwork, these designs can be enlarged or reduced, to any scale, without any loss of quality. Note that because these decals are drawn in (and designed for) 1:144 scale, they will lack the small stencil details found on decal sheets in larger scales. Often these smaller elements can be found on the kit supplied decal sheet. 

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