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This page serves to combine two of my personal passions: 1/144 scale aircraft modelling and the aircraft (past and present) of the Canadian Armed Forces.

 The majority of this page contains a table listing most (but certainly not all) of the RCAF, RCN, Canadian Army and Canadian Armed Forces rotary and fixed-wing aircraft in use since 1947 and their availability (or not) in 1/144th scale. This date was chosen due to the fact that prior to 1947, Canadian aircraft wore predominantly British markings and would be more suitable for inclusion in a British Small Scale Air Force page. For a complete list of all aircraft, visit the DND Air Force or the RCAF.com sites. It is hoped that this table will eventually grow to include:

  1. Kits built "Out of the Box" complete with Canadian decals.
    (i.e. - Revell AG CF-18 Hornet or the LS CP-140 Aurora)

  2. Kits that would be Canadian, with the appropriate paint and decals.
    (i.e. - OzMods Caribou or the Aeroclub P2V-7 Neptune)

  3. Kits of similar variants, requiring some "kit-bashing", or conversions (minor to major) to obtain an accurate Canadian version.  
    (i.e. - a Bristol Britannia into an Argus or backdating a Comet 4 into a Comet 1)

  4. What aftermarket decals are (or were) available to create a Canadian model from items 2 or 3 or a different example for item 1.

  5. Which aircraft are not possible to model in 1/144 scale. (There is always hope!)
    (i.e. - Fairey Barracuda or Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar)

  6. Individual mold histories - which kits are identical, which are from new tooling;

  7. Photo-etch or resin detail sets available for any kits on the list;

  8. Photographs of built 1/144 scale Canadian military aircraft models. Send me a picture of your model, and I will gladly include it here!

You can help fill in the blanks in the table with information on who makes what, or if you know of possible conversions, etc.  It would all be greatly appreciated as this task is far too large for one person alone!!

It is hoped that other Small Scale modelers from different countries around the world will create similar pages for their national air forces.  These pages will then be linked together, forming a complete database. (See bottom of page)  Please feel free to copy all or any part of this page format for overall consistency between sites. 

At this point, this page is still very much "Under Construction". I welcome any and all information you may have that will add body to the main table.  Past contributors are listed at the bottom of the table.  All questions, comments, corrections, suggestions, observations, criticisms and praise is most welcome, and can be sent to me using the email link at the bottom of the page. 

Remember - to those of us who model in this scale, being "small minded" is a compliment !!

Help Wanted:
I am currently looking for the following 1:144 kits for my Canadian collection. Please contact me if you have one of these and are willing to part with it.

Bandai Wing Club - Curtiss P-40C Kittyhawk (on ground)

Welsh - Bristol Freighter (vacform kit)

Anigrand - DH Vampire I and Gloster Meteor F Mk.3 (resin kits ) from their RAF Globemaster III kit





List of Major Updates

9 Nov. 2006 Welcome Germany to the Small Scale Air Forces of the World!

26 Mar. 2004

Welcome Poland to the Small Scale Air Forces of the World!

8 Jan. 2004

Welcome USSR to the Small Scale Air Forces of the World! 

21 Dec. 2003

Uploaded to server for initial feedback and adjustments. 

20 Dec. 2003

Construction begins after discovering the inspiration for this page -  "Modelling the RAAF in 1/144th"

Airspeed Horsa Diverse Images Highly detailed finished models cast in solid English Pewter. Diverse Images
Auster AOP   Fox One   Resin kit    
Avro Anson 
Mk. II, IV, V, VI
Welsh Vacform fuselage, injected wings and white metal parts for the later C.19 version - PHOTO   
Aeroclub Vacform and white metal kit of the later C.19 version   
Diverse Images   White metal, pre-painted Mk.I Diverse Images
Decals CanMilAir - 10 sets available  
Avro Lancaster 
Mk I, II, III, X
Crown/Minicraft  Lancaster Mk II  Box Art Academy - VRA by Bill Daisley
Diverse Images Lancaster Mk X KB772 VR-R "Ropey" 419 Squadron RCAF, Middleton St. George, April 1945 Diverse Images
A-Model Available as a B Mk. I, III or 10MR with RCAF SAR markings (too bad they messed up the roundels - see image). Comes with a small photo-etch sheet, actual rubber tires with cast metal wheel centres.   A-Model Lancaster 10MR decals
Decals * Arrow Graphics 
* CanMilAir - 16 sets
Avro Lincoln         
Beechcraft T-34 
Don Schmenk/Air Alex Solid resin   
Bell 47         
Boeing B-17E,  F
Flying Fortress 
F-Toys Soon to be released in their Big Birds Series 3 Photo
Decals CanMilAir has 1 set available  
Boeing CIM-10 Bomarc Decals CanMilAir -1 set with three roundel styles    
Bristol 170 
Freighter Mk31
Welsh Vacform with RCAF decals Welsh Models
Decals CanMilAir has 4 sets available  
CCF Harvard Mk.IV MiniWing resin kit  
Decals CanMilAir has 7 sets available  
Canadair F-86 
OzMods Low pressure Injection kit   
Aeroclub Resin and white metal   
Trumpeter F-86-30 and -40   
Decals CanMilAir - 35 sets  
Canadair CL-2 
North Star C-54GM
Aeroclub CL-4 Argonaut    
Welsh Vacform CL-4 Argonaut with white metal engines & props    
Engines and props also sold separately as set CV7 and CV8    
Minicraft Their C-54 will build into a C-5    
DC-6B will need to have fuselage shortened by removing 16.3mm just ahead of the wing root and 8.5mm behind it. Tail fin needs to be shortened 2mm and each stabilizer by 7.5mm. Windows need to be altered. Refer to 
FSM March 1993 for a conversion in 1/72 scale.
Decals * Belcher Bits - soon to be released resin conversion set for Minicraft C-54/DC-4 kit with RCAF decals
* CanMilAir - 2 sets


Canadair C-5
North Star C-54



Minicraft C-54    
Decals CanMilAir - 1 set   
Cessna Crane Don Schmenk Solid resin     
Consolidated Canso Minicraft PBY-5A Catalina   
Decals CanMilAir - 1 set for the Canso flown by Flt. Lt. Hornell VC   
Consolidated B-24 Liberator Academy/Crown/Revell B-24J Revell kit built by Brenda Wemsley
Decals CanMilAir - 5 sets   
Consolidated Privateer Cobra Multi-media resin kit Cobra PB4Y Privateer
Decals CanMilAir - 10 sets     
Curtis P-40 
Bandai Wing Club P-40C and P-40N   
Arii This is a Warhawk   
Decals CanMilAir - 2 sets   
de Havilland Chipmunk Terry Patrick    
de Havilland Comet Mk I Airfix This kit is a Mark 4B   
F-RSIN Resin wings and instructions on shortening the Airfix fuselage for a conversion to Mk.1 - See photos F-RSIN Comet F-RSIN Comet
F-RSIN resin kit   
Decals CanMilAir has 6 sets available  
de Havilland 
Gipsy Moth
de Havilland Mosquito Crown Mk. II (?)      
Aeroclub B-35 variant - solid resin with white metal gear/props and vac-form canopy   
F-Toys 2 versions - FB Mk. VI with SEAC markings and B Mk. IV with D-Day stripes   
Decals CanMilAir - 3 sets   
de Havilland 
Sea Hornet
de Havilland Vampire
Mk. I (evaluation)
Mk. III & V
Creations Chaubet      
OzMods Possible future release    
Anigrand bundled with their RAF C-17 Globemaster III kit.  
Decals CanMilAir has 1 set  
Fairchild Cornell         
Decals CanMilAir has 1 set  
Fairchild C-119 
Flying Boxcar
Welsh vac form kit   
Decals CanMilAir - 7 sets  
Fairey Albacore           
Fairey Barracuda        
Fairey Firefly FR.1         
Decals CanMilAir has 5 sets  
Fairey Swordfish
F-Toys WW II Biplane Series Photo
Decals CanMilAir has 1 set  
Gloster Meteor
F Mk. 3
T Mk. 7
Welsh Vacform Mk 8   
Air Alex Solid resin Mk F 8   
OzMods Future release of a Mk 8   
Diverse Images White metal, pre-painted Mk 3   
F-Toys pre-built Meteor F Mk.1  
Anigrand resin F Mk.3 included with the RAF version of the C-17 Globemaster III.  
Decals CanMilAir has 2 sets  
GM F4F Wildcat 
(FAA - Martlet)
Sweet Two offerings have RN FAA markings  - #14108 & 14111 Sweet Martlet by Bruce Simard
Bandai Wing Club       
Decals CanMilAir has 2 sets  
Grumman Avenger 
(FAA Tarpon)
Academy/Minicraft This kit could be used to model an FAA example or the "as-delivered" Avengers in 1950/1952 before their conversion to AS-3's   
Bandai Wing Club hard to find trading miniature   
Decals  CanMilAir - 7 sets   
Grumman Goose Don Schmenk
Solid resin    
F-Toys  Part of their "Sea Plane Collection" includes two pre-painted versions of the JRF-5 Goose   
Decals Canmilair - 1 set   
Hawker Hurricane Bandai Wing Club Mk. II   
Sweet Three different offerings - all Mk. I.  Sweet kit with Priesler figures built by Geoff Baker 
Decals CanMilAir - 4 sets  
Hawker Sea Fury 
FB 11
MiniWing resin kit  
Don Schmenk
Air Alex
Solid resin    
Revell   It is possible to convert the Revell Tempest into a Sea Fury with a new nose, prop and stabilizer.  
Decals * Markus Schindler offers Canadian Sea Fury decals free for download.   
* CanMilAir - 5 sets
Hawker Tempest Crown Tempest V    
Hawker Typhoon Revell Mini Typhoon Mk. I B   
F-Toys Typhoon Mk. I B  
Decals CanMilAir - 4 sets  
Lockheed Hudson         
Decals CanMilAir - 4 sets  
Lockheed Lodestar         
Lockheed Ventura Creations Chaubet Later version with the small dorsal turret Lockheed ventura by Creations Chaubet
Decals CanMilAir - 3 sets  
McDonnell F2H-3 Banshee MiniWing resin kit  
Fisher Model and Pattern future release   
TAC  This is a F2H-2 version and will require some modification for a -3 version   
Decals CanMilAir - 4 sets   
Noorduyn Norseman       CanMilAir - 5 sets   
North American 
B-25 Mitchell Mk I, II, III
Revell/Crown B-25J (Mk III)   
Minicraft B-25J (Mk III)   
Decals CanMilAir - 4 sets.   
Details Detail set available from Cobra Read Review   
North American 
Harvard Mk I, II, IIB, IV
Creations Chaubet       
FE Resin 16 resin parts, vac canopy with RCAF decals Sweet kit with Priesler figures built by Geoff Baker 
Dom Schmenk
Air Alex
Solid resin   
Decals * JBOT
* CanMilAir - 7 sets
North American 
P-51 Mustang
Revell Mini P-51 B    
Platz P-51D - two per box   Box Art   
Crown/Academy/Arii P-51D (Mk IV) Academy P-51D by Wm Burns
Sweet P-51B - two per box   
Decals * JBOT - 3 sheets.
* Arrow Graphics produced several Mustang sheets.
* CanMilAir - 5 sets
Details Kihaiti Models offer resin replacement ailerons, flaps, elevators and a rudder. Future releases will include a resin cockpit!  
Percival Prentice         
Piasecki H-21A/B H-44
Flying Banana
See CH-125 entry below        
Piasecki HUP-2  MiniWing   resin kit   
Sikorsky HO4S MiniWing resin kit   
Decals CanMilAir - 5 sets  
Sikorsky S-51 MiniWing   resin kit   
Sikorsky S-55 MiniWing   resin kit   
Supermarine Seafire MK.XV    Conversion from Spitfire Mk. V?     
Decals CanMilAir - 2 sets   
Supermarine Spitfire Revell Mini Mk. I    
Academy Mk. V   
Bandai Wing Club Mk V   
Air Alex Mk IX  solid resin   
21st Century Toys Mk VIII / IX   
Decals CanMilAir - 16 sets  
Waco Hadrian Glider CG-15A MiniWing   Type CG-4A   
Boeing B-47 Stratojet
Hobbycraft B-47 will need Iroquois engine pod    
Decals CanMilAir - 1 set  
Avro Canuck
Decals CanMilAir - 10 sets   
McDonnell Voodoo
MiniWing resin kit  
Arii/Otaki Single seat F-101A    
FE Resin Resin kit of F-101B FE Resin F-101B
Don Schmenk
Air Alex
Solid resin F-101B      
Decals   CanMilAir - 6 sets      
Conversions * OzMods - Greg at has agreed to CONSIDER a 101B conversion for the Arii kit.
* Air Alex - Has a two seat conversion listed as a Future Release.
* Kihaiti's Models - a two-seat conversion for the Arii kit consisting of replacement fuselage section, cockpit, separate ejection seats and vacuum form replacement canopy. 
Electric Voodoo
Decals CanMilAir - 1 set  

Never used to avoid confusion with the Avro Canada C-102 Jetliner. 
The first test flight of the Jetliner was on 10 August 1949, and was the first aircraft designed from scratch as a jet-propelled transport. As orders were never placed, construction on the partially built second prototype was abandoned with both airframes ordered destroyed in December 1956.


Never used. 
This designation was reserved for the proposed Avro Canada "CF-103". The C-103 / CF-103 was a projected twin-engine swept-wing fighter, proposed in May 1952 as a replacement for the CF-100, no orders were placed and only a wooden mock-up was ever produced.

CF-104 Starfighter Academy/Crown Single seat F-104G Built by Joerg Clausing
F-Toys F-104J   
Decals CanMilAir - 4 sets   
CF-104D Starfighter Revell AG Two seat TF-104G trainer will make a dual CF-104D   
Decals CanMilAir - 12 sets       
Details Resin  set from Artillery intended for the Revell AG kit includes seats, main wheel bay, tires and exhaust can.    
Avro Arrow
MiniWing resin     
FE Resin Resin - Pic 1   Pic 2  
Decals CanMilAir - 2 sets  
Canadair Yukon
Welsh vac and resin kit    
Decals * JBOT - 1 sheet with four schemes
* CanMilAir with 9 sets
Canadair Argus
Welsh Mk.1 and Mk.2   
Decals CanMilAir - 9 sets  
DHC-4 Caribou
OzMods Multimedia kit features resin fuselage, wings and tail, white metal landing gear and props and an optional vacform canopy.    
Decals CanMilAir has 3 sets  
Canadair Cosmopolitan
In Formation Convair 580   
Welsh vac and resin kit   
Sasquatch Convair 580   
Decals CanMilAir - 6 sets  
Grumman Albatross HU-16B
Aeroclub Resin   
A-Model Kit #1402 is a HU-16B    
Decals CanMilAir - 4 sets    
Slingsby Firefly 
Decals CanMilAir - 4 sets  
Boeing- Vertol Voyageur
FE Resin Resin with detailed cockpit and vac canopy   
Imai Released a Vertol KV-107 which was the licensed production version from Kawasaki.   
Decals  CanMilAir - 4 sets   
Boeing-Vertol Labrador
FE Resin Conversion possible    
Decals CanMilAir - 6 sets    
Canadair Tutor
MiniWing resin kit  
OzMods Possible future release    
Decals * JBOT - 3 sets 
* CanMilAir - 12 sets
DHC-5 Buffalo
A-Model Canadian version with radar nose   
Decals CanMilAir - 9 sets     
Freedom Fighter
CafeReo - J Wings From the "Air War Over Vietnam" series        
Decals * JBOT - 4 sets from No 419 Sqn.
* CanMilAir - 3 sets
* Mike Grant - 1 set with 2 schemes.
Freedom Fighter
Dragon   F-5F   
Decals * Mike Grant - 1 set  with 2 schemes
Dassault Falcon
Don Schmenk
Air Alex
Solid Resin   
F-Rsin Plastic  
Decals *  CanMilAir has 5 sets available
* JBOT has a sheet with all four schemes used
Bell Iroquois


F-Toys Heliborne  Trading miniature   
Entex / Fujimi    
Air Alex      
Decals  CanMilAir - 3 sets   
L-19 Bird Dog
MiniWing  Solid resin   
Air Alex Solid resin     
Decals CanMilAir has 4 sets  
DHC-1 Chipmunk
Grumman Tracker
MiniWing resin kit  
Fisher Model and Pattern Upcoming release??   
Decals CanMilAir - 4 sets   
Lockheed Neptune P2V-7

Resin  Neptune P2V-7

Mono-Chrome  Solid resin with vac formed canopies. Cost is 40 GBP. Contents of kit and decal options
Decals CanMilAir - 3 sets  
DHC-3 Otter
Don Schmenk
Air Alex
Can be built with floats or wheels Built by Paul Wiegman
Decals CanMilAir - 7 sets   
Sikorsky Sea King
Sweet Newest "Westland" releases come with a separate sprue containing correct shorter sponsons, dorsal radome and intake deflector.  
F-Toys Heliborne Available with or without the intake deflector. Has long side wheel sponsons. Built by Bill Burns
FE Resin  Resin kit   
Decals CanMilAir - 4 sets    
Flying Banana
MiniWing Resin kit FE Resin H-21
Decals CanMilAir - 5 sets    
FE Resin H-34 Choctaw   
Vertol H-44
Beech C-45 Expeditor
Don Schmenk
Air Alex
Solid resin   
Decals JBOT   
CanMilAir - 6 sets  
Douglas C-47 Dakota
Minicraft DC-3A   
Decals * Leading Edge - 1 set
* CanMilAir has 14 sets
B, E, H, H-30, J-30
Lockheed Hercules
A Model "A" model available - other versions to follow  

C-130B and E

Matchbox C-130H released with CAF decals    
Panda Future release C-130A & H   
Welsh C-130K and C-130J  
Minicraft C-130H   
Decals CanMilAir - 9 sets     
Details * Aeroclub carries correct 4 blade props & engine nacelles for the Revell kit. Part # W028.
* Braz Models offer a resin conversion for the Minicraft kit to the stretched C-130-30.  HERE
* Braz Models offer corrected Allison T-56 engine nacelles for the Minicraft kit.  HERE
Canadair Dynavert
DHC-7 Dash 7
Welsh Models Vacform, Resin and White Metal  
Decals CanMilAir has 1 set  
Canadair Silver Star
Don Schmenk
Air Alex
Solid resin   
OzMods Injection molded with detailed cockpits and 2 vacform canopies  OzMods t-33
Decals CanMilAir - 31 sets    
Beechcraft Musketeer
Decals CanMilAir - 2 sets   
Bell Twin Huey
Decals CanMilAir with 8 sets  
Bell Kiowa
Minifigs Metal Minifigs kit with decals by JBOT
Decals * JBOT - 3 sets
* CanMilAir has 1 set
Boeing 707-347C
Minicraft * Kit is labeled as a707-320B Intercontinental - but  the fuselage doors and exits are set up for a 707-320C. This kit also has the correct JT-3D turbofans. 
* To correct a flaw in the windshield shape,  In Formation offers a replacement nose/cockpit section. 
* Note that four out of the five RCAF CC-137 were returned to the USAF to become E-8 Joint Stars aircraft. 
Welsh Vacform kit of B707-331B    
Revell E-3A is a 707-320B    
Decals * JBOT offers a sheet with all three schemes.
* CanMilAir - 6 sets
Details Wing mounted refueling pods are included in a set by Hawkeye Models intended for a RAAF version. Hawkeye Models
DHC-6 Twin Otter
Sasquatch Solid resin     
Decals * JBOT offer a UN set
* CanMilAir - 6 sets
Bell Jet Ranger
Lockheed Aurora
and Arcturus
LS Kit comes with CAF "Symmetrical Era" decals with fuselage flash and correct wing tips. Built by Paul Wiegman
Decals CanMilAir - 3 sets     
Lockheed Starlifter 
(never used)
DHC-8 Dash 8 
Sasquatch Solid resin - There are approximately 18 pieces in this kit, with the body molded in tan and the rest in white. It is a "tail-sitter" so weight needs to be added into the nose. It's been suggested to substitute the landing gear with those from an Airfix 737-200 as they are "almost the same and are more detailed."    
Nazca Models Very nice resin kit of a Dash-8-100/200 . It comes with your choice of airline decals, and they all come with wing/door panel and window/cockpit decals. See HERE and  HERE  
Welsh Models vac, resin, white metal  
Decals CanMilAir offer 7 sets  
BK117 Bell 212
Decals CanMilAir offer 1 set  
Canadair Challenger
Revell AG Challenger 604 - can be shortened for earlier versions   
Decals * JBOT 
* CanMilAir - 5 sets
King Air 200
Don Schmenk
Air Alex
Bell-Textron Griffon
Decals   CanMilAir - 2 sets  
Boeing Chinook
Revell AG Two versions (USA CH-47 and RAF HC.1) only difference being the small details and the decals. MORE INFO   
Decals CanMilAir - 4 sets   
Sikorsky Cyclone
Westland-Augusta Cormorant  
Decals CanMilAir - 1 set   
Airbus A-310 Polaris
Revell AG A-310    
Decals * CanMilAir - both early and current scheme.
* JBOT offer a sheet for the early scheme.
* AHS also offer a sheet for the early scheme.
JBOT CC-150 decals

AHS CC-150 decals
BaE Hawk 115
OxMods Vacform, Resin and White Metal  
Welsh Vacform Hawk T Mk.1   
Decals * Mike Grant will rescale his 1/72 set if asked
* CanMilAir - one set
Raytheon Harvard II
Decals CanMilAir - one set   
Globemaster III
Anigrand Resin kit  
Decals CanMilAir - 2 sets  
Boeing/MD Hornet
Dragon CF-188A kit #4522 has decals for 410 Sqn Built by Mark Taylor Dragon Hornet built by Brenda Wemsley with Arrow Graphics decals  
Revell AG This new F/A-18C kit has decals for the 2003 East Coast Demo a/c. For an article on fixing the tail fin - Click Here   
Decals * Leading Edge and Cutting Edge offers a sheet for 3 Wing's 1996-98 Demo.
* Arrow Graphics had several CF-188 decal sheets.
* CanMilAir - 14 sets
Dragon 3 Wing CF-18 built by Scott Van Aken with Cutting Edge decals
Details Artillery has a detail set intended for the Revell AG kit with gear doors, exhaust cans, tires, seat, LEX fences and arresting hook.    
Boeing/MD Hornet


 Dragon  #04024 - F/A-18D Wild Weasel Dragon Hornet built by Bruce Simard  
  Decals See above     
Many thanks to the following contributors: 
William Burns | Bruce Scott | John Watts | Mike Grant | Jim Botaitis | Greg Anderson | Dave Koss | Ray Seppala | David Flemming |  David Campbell | Yves Tramini | Mike Belcher | Bruce Simard | Paul Fisher | Claude Rivard | Vincent Mankowski | Paul Fisher | Erik Faustus | Don Schmenk | Alex Trant |  Bill Daisley | Gregor Czekay | Jessica Cooper | Massimo Santarossa    


For comments, questions, or if you want to add to the content E-Mail me.


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