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Canadian Military Aircraft . . .
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Scale Model Decals
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CanMilAir is always looking for partners to expand its catalogue of offerings. Are you a hobbyist or an aviation enthusiast with a product to sell? CanMilAir can help you by making your product readily available to its large established customer base (~1,550) and web site traffic volume (avg 12,000 per month). Some product examples may be resin castings for kit modifications, aircraft art/prints, reference books, etc. 
A special category for your product(s) would be set up in the online catalogue. You would have complete control - you supply the text information, the photos used, you establish the price and you determine the shipping amounts. I can assist, advise and edit in these matters, but the decision is yours. All orders placed will go directly to your Inbox and you then be responsible to ship the item to the customer. The customer pays CanMilAir and I settle up with you later. 
Products must pertain in some way to the Canadian military as that is the core interest that brings your potential customers to CanMilAir in the first place. 
Contact me for further details and we can discuss the potential of your product(s) and the finer points of the arrangement.

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CanMilAir customers come from coast to coast across Canada . . . 

Alberta    British Columbia    Manitoba    New Brunswick    Newfoundland and Labrador    Northwest Territories
Nova Scotia    Reserved for our first customer from Nunavut    Ontario    Prince Edward Island    Quebec    Saskatchewan    Yukon Territory

. . . and from all around the world.

Canada    USA - from 46 of 50 the States    United Kingdom    England    Ireland    Scotland    Wales    Northern Ireland
France    Australia    Sweden    Germany    Switzerland    Croatia    Italy    Japan    Czech Republic    New Zealand 
Finland    Mexico    South Africa        Norway    Netherlands    Brazil    Poland    Lithuania    Portugal
Hong Kong    Russia    Chile    Belgium    Thailand    Singapore    Denmark    Taiwan    Spain    Austria
Untited Arab Emirates    Malta    Jersey - Channel Islands    Hungary    Israel    South Korea    Uruguay

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CanMilAir Scale Decals FAQ

CanMilAir for Warbirds

Aircraft from the Royal Air Force, Fleet Air Arm, Royal Canadian Air Force, Royal Canadian Navy, Canadian Army, Canadian Armed Forces, Canadian Forces, Canadian Coast Guard and Transport Canada, plus many others.
Over 670 individual sets for over 135 different aircraft types! Subject dates ranging from 1917 to the present. By far, the largest selection of decals for Canadian military aircraft available anywhere!
All decals are custom printed using an ALPS printer as they are ordered. Many of the sets are customizable with selectable options. Need a specific serial number? Not a problem !
And best of all - ALL sets are available in ALL scales (50 scales so far) ! ! !
Stunning vinyl graphics for full size aircraft.
 Available in the highest quality, self-adhesive, "ready to apply", cast vinyl in a wide range of solid colours.
Spray masks available for applications where the graphics are better done with paint.
Digitally printed, UV laminated and contour cut self-adhesive vinyl can be used for intricate designs involving multiple colours.
CanMilAir will research correct markings and sizes for your paint scheme. Multi-view, full-colour placement drawings can be supplied with each markings package. Every project is a custom designed personalized solution.
For more details click HERE. For "before" and "after" photos of previous projects click HERE
To lean more about the vinyl choices CanMilAir offers click HERE
Contact CanMilAir for all estimates or quotes.


CanMilAir Roundel Prints

CanMilAir Reference Books

Set of four colour prints detailing the use of various national insignia used on Commonwealth and Canadian aircraft since the first national insignia was placed on an aircraft in 1914.
Set of four prints is available in two sizes.  
Also available as a single large poster.
Contains 45 different insignia designs and over 2,000 words of descriptive text.
Official on-line distributor of the ultimate in Canadian military aircraft finish and markings books. These are an absolute "must have" for any modeller or enthusiast of Canadian military aircraft.
Aircraft Finish and Markings
Royal Canadian Air Force
1947 to 1968
Volumes 1 and 2 
Canadian Military Aircraft 
Finish and Markings 
1968 to 2004
Royal Canadian Navy 
Aircraft Finish and Markings 
1944 to 1968
Also by MartinSlides: 
Two full-colour prints containing 59 RCN aircraft profiles grouped into the four major marking eras.

CanMilAir Aircraft Profiles

Classic aircraft profiles by noted Canadian aviation artist Richard Banigan. 
Since 1980, you've seen his work in air museums, magazines, books and other aviation related publications. 
Hundreds of incredibly detailed, meticulously researched full colour profiles with authentic squadron or unit markings, full technical details and history also included!
Standard size is 8˝" x 14" but many are available in a jumbo 11" x 17" format. 


CanMilAir Decals "Mission Statement"

  1. Established on June 21, 2005 to promote Canadian military aircraft modelling (specifically in 1:144 scale) by providing accurate, custom made markings in subjects and/or scales not offered by kit manufacturers or mainstream aftermarket decal companies.
  2. Show that there is a viable market for Canadian military aircraft decals in 1:144 scale, therefore encouraging those same kit and decal manufactures to include more Canadian subjects in their offerings in this scale.
  3. Promote the modelling of any type of fixed or rotary wing aircraft operated by any branch of the Canadian military at any time in its history.
  4. Promote the proud history and rich heritage of Canadian military aviation and acknowledge the sacrifices and accomplishments made on our behalf by our men and women in uniform.


In Remembrance of those killed in battle for our Country . . . . 

Tour’s End

We wait at the airfield today, this is our tour’s end,
We get to go back home, to our families and friends.
Our plane will land in Trenton, our families will meet us there,
To take us back to our hometown, in this nation somewhere.

Regina, Lethbridge, Nanaimo, Valcartier, St. Johns, or Waterloo,
We are soldiers who went to fight for you.
No-matter what our hometown we were glad to keep you free,
Fighting terror overseas, so homeward it won’t follow me.

The plane arrives, some friends of our far-away home,
Line up together to wish us well, we are not alone.
They thank us for our service, as we board the plane,
Then they get back to the duties of fighting everyday.

We may be engineers or gunners, police or medics too,
Doesn’t matter where we’re sent, we do what we’re trained to do.
Bringing peace to our nation, comes sometimes at a cost,
For there is a ramp ceremony each time a soldiers lost.

We’re now home in Canada, my friends and I
As we get off the plane, our families begin to cry.
They couldn’t wait to see us, then in a car we go,
Escorted down a road, that all of us soldiers know.

You see, we gave our life for you, this was our tours end,
Now you line the highway, so we know you don’t forget.
You cry, cheer and salute us, as past you we go,
Hero’s in your mind, because we died fighting the foe.

We waited at the airfield, in foreign lands so far away,
We’re from Anytown, Canada and we gave our life today.
So those who wait for us to return, our nation, family and friends,
Please understand it’s ok, this is our Tour’s End.




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